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Saint Louis University student studying anthropology and psychology. Previously studied at Regent's College in London, England.

Proud to be marching with this incredible group of people. Equality and justice are necessary. #OccupySLU #FergusonOctober #NoJusticeNoPeace (at Saint Louis University Clocktower)

You deplore the demonstrations taking place in Birmingham. But your statement, I am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations. I am sure that none of you would want to rest content with the superficial kind of social analysis that deals merely with effects and does not grapple with underlying causes. It is unfortunate that demonstrations are taking place in Birmingham, but it is even more unfortunate that the city’s white power structure left the Negro community with no alternative.

—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Song" by Allen Ginsberg

The weight of the world
is love.
Under the burden
of solitude,
under the burden
of dissatisfaction

the weight,
the weight we carry
is love.

Who can deny?
In dreams
it touches
the body,
in thought
a miracle,
in imagination
till born
in human—
looks out of the heart
burning with purity—
for the burden of life
is love,

but we carry the weight
and so must rest
in the arms of love
at last,
must rest in the arms
of love.

No rest
without love,
no sleep
without dreams
of love—
be mad or chill
obsessed with angels
or machines,
the final wish
is love
—cannot be bitter,
cannot deny,
cannot withhold
if denied:

the weight is too heavy

—must give
for no return
as thought
is given
in solitude
in all the excellence
of its excess.

The warm bodies
shine together
in the darkness,
the hand moves
to the center
of the flesh,
the skin trembles
in happiness
and the soul comes
joyful to the eye—

yes, yes,
that’s what
I wanted,
I always wanted,
I always wanted,
to return
to the body
where I was born. 

Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.

—Andrew Boyd  (via nofatnowhip)

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A Commentary on Common Sense

My roommate and I have been re-watching all the old episodes of “The West Wing” recently. If you haven’t watched it, you should, because it’s one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen. The last episode — the re-election of President Bartlett — made me think about the actual future of the United States. Feel free to disagree with me, but I’m completely ready for Hillary Clinton to be president.

More and more, I fear for my future. When radical conservatives like Mitt Romney, or even worse, Paul Ryan, are able to run for office without the majority of American people in opposition, I become concerned. These politicians are not “mildly conservative” or “moderate”.

They exemplify something we have seen before: fascist Germany.

The staunch conservatism, the legislation of morality, and the intrusion of the government into people’s lives and decisions is something all too familiar. I challenge my readers to find a source about Nazi Germany and draw comparisons to policies that conservative lawmakers are enacting. The common ground between these two parties is alarmingly broad.

Conservatives in the United States are actively fighting basic human rights initiatives, such as equal marriage for all, women’s rights, access to equal education and remotely satisfactory healthcare, and the war on poverty. Furthermore, they too often advocate for war. Peace, when at all possible, is the best route. It is foolish to believe that our military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are not a form of holy war; that is precisely what it is. Conservative “Christians” are full of hatred and contempt for all Muslims, when in actuality, Islam is one of the most peaceful religions in existence. I put the word “Christians” in quotation, because real Christians would follow in the ways of Jesus, who they claim to follow, and oppose injustice and war, instead promoting peace, love, and equality. The total this holy war has cost us? 10,325 American lives. What has it cost largely innocent Islamic countries? 288,000. Almost twenty-eight times as many casualties, many being civilians (x).

This must stop. We must realize the dark path we are blindly walking down. At a certain point, there will be no alternative but revolution, and this is something that I think my generation is beginning to see.

Why is it that the vast majority of university students are liberal by the time they graduate? It isn’t because professors “brainwash” them — that goes against their code of ethics. It is because these university students are educated on the institutionalized inequality, the cost of war, and the inherent dignity and beauty of all human beings.

I advocate for a complete one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn in ideology and practice. Interestingly, this is what Fascist Germany did. Where is Germany now? Germany has one of the most stable economies in the world; for eleven years, they have been the world’s largest exporter of goods, exporting $1.016 trillion dollars in just one of the years. They have one of the lowest unemployment rates, at 5.4%. Their infrastructure is enviable. They recognize the basic human rights that the Right Wing of the United States just can’t seem to grasp. They are cognizant of the environmental impact humans have, and are pioneering the ecological movement (they produce 35% of the world’s wind energy) (x).

We should look to Germany for guidance. The socialist ideals that they have adopted since their fascist era have changed the country, and the world, forever. Simply imagine what the United States could do if we were to follow suit, instituting liberal, socialist policies tempered by a sense of individual responsibility. In my eyes, and in the eyes of many that I know, this is our rescue from the grasp of capitalist, conservative neo-Fascism.

It is our only option.

It is common sense.

Homophobia is not an opinion. Transphobia is not an opinion. Ableism is not an opinion. Racism is not an opinion. These things just make you a bad person and you can’t defend them at all. I don’t want to talk to you if you think these things are okay, and I don’t care about your feelings if you’re upset that I’m mad at you for these things, because you obviously don’t care about the feelings of the people affected by it.

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